Roxanne Kaminski, Laguna Niguel, California

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the experience to work with Dr. Diane on retirement coaching. At the start of our working together, I had just retired two months earlier and had no idea there was so much to give consideration to when planning my third act in life. The program addressed many key topics and the relevant subject questions were very thought provoking. During the course of our sessions and conversations relevant to each topic, I was able to clearly organize my thoughts and create a roadmap for this next phase of life. Now, seven months into retirement, I am clearly seeing positive results that are exceeding my expectations and my roadmap goals are coming to fruition. Great program!

Cynthia Johnson, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Dr. Diane Lukich’s retirement coaching was a literal game-changer for me. I had been feeling “stuck” and rudderless since retiring several years earlier and was struggling to find direction and purpose. Diane’s thoughtful listening and gentle guidance helped me redefine my retirement life and chart a course forward that is consistent with my values and passions. The tools, teachings, and objective insights she shared have me moving forward purposefully and joyfully, and with gratitude for the opportunity to begin again.

Beecham Parker, Asheville, NC

Dr. Diane Lukich provided a safe and accepting space for me to express my concerns and fears as well as my hopes and desires regarding my retirement. Her constructive feedback and helpful suggestions have assisted me in gaining clarity and motivated me to really think about and create what I want as my third act in my life. She provided beneficial coaching and knowledgeable guidance as to how I can manifest the best retirement in alignment with my desires. Thank you Dr. Diane!